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Castaway Paradise - Town Building Sim. This is your island, your adventure! Do whatever you like! It's the ultimate Sandbox sim! Farm, catch.
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If you like fishing, you can spot the shadows of fish within the ocean and catch them. You can also purchase a bunch of furniture to decorate your house or the town. A large building with a clock on it allows you to invest your money in the stock market or put your cash in the bank to gain an interest rate after a set amount of time.

There are also a ton of quests, never-ending, for you to test yourself again. Apart from daily quests, which allow you to gain badges also stored at the building with the clock , you can grab quests at any time from those three main characters walking around the island. Some quests give you a question mark tile, otherwise you can purchase this tile at the shop. Gaining enough of these will allow you to fix bridges and unlock new areas of the island, finding more friends and more rubbish to pick up!

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Other parts of the island have different types of trees and harvestables as well, so you can grab them up and sell them for more money. If you end up making bank from produce, collectables, and doing quests then you can start to purchase the upgrades for these buildings.

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You can also upgrade your own home to unlock more rooms and give you more space for your stuff. I ended up spending a lot of time breaking down rocks, planting flowers, and trying to make this island town look lovely. Aside from a few glitches when viewing the catalogue — or when switching tools for the various jobs that I needed to do, which can be fixed by restarting the game — Castaway Paradise is a really nice, relaxing game to play through.

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    Castaway Paradise

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    ANIMAL CROSSING für den PC? - Castaway Paradise - Angespielt

    The Blessed Dark — Demon summoning fun. Express your love of soccer with a football hat, or create your own pitch with goals, flags and benches.

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    Set the stage for a Chinese tea ceremony, or prepare your house for a spooktacular Halloween partyQ. The island inhabitants are an interesting bunch. Some are happy, some are grumpy, some are down to earth and others are eccentric. You could also grow your own plants, get a net to try to catch bugs, or just cast your cares away and go fishing.

    Castaway Paradise - It's like Animal Crossing!

    Take long walks along the beaches, maybe collecting some washed up items to sell later. Start a garden outside your house. Try to figure out why the Scottish Baboon carpenter Angus is so grumpy all the time.