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The types of relief will depend upon the discriminatory action and the effect it had on any discriminatory practices and take steps to prevent discrimination in the future. A victim of discrimination also may be able to recover attorney's fees, expert sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), religion.
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Once your attorney has all of your information, he or she will draft a complaint to put your lawsuit in motion. Typically your complaint will be accompanied by a copy of your right-to-sue letter, which demonstrates that you have exhausted administrative remedies as required by federal law. The bulk of your complaint consists of the allegations you are making against your employer, all of which add up to illegal gender discrimination.

The final paragraphs of your complaint describe the monetary damages you believe your employer owes you as a result of the discrimination you've suffered. Your attorney will discuss the complaint with you and make sure you understand it before you sign it. File your complaint. To initiate your lawsuit, you must take your complaint and all other required paperwork to the clerk of the court where your lawsuit will be heard. Your attorney will pay this amount, which will be added to the costs for your lawsuit and deducted from your award or settlement.

When the clerk accepts your complaint for filing, he or she will assign it to a judge at random and give it a unique case number. This number will be included on all documents filed with the court in your case and will identify your case in subsequent court matters. Rather than taking your complaint to the courthouse in person, federal courts now allow cases to be filed electronically, which typically is what your attorney will do. Have your employer served. After you've filed your complaint, you must use the legally recognized process of providing your employer with notice of the lawsuit.

Gender Discrimination is Unfair – Fight Back (Examples & Tips 2018)

Service in federal courts is completed by the U. Marshal's Service. Marshal will hand-deliver your complaint and summons to your employer and then file a proof of service document with the court. Wait for a response.

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Once your complaint is served, your employer has 21 days to file an answer or other motion in response to your lawsuit if it plans to mount a defense. However, don't expect this to happen. Typically your employer will file an answer that consists of denials of most if not all of your allegations. This doesn't necessarily mean your employer is saying your allegations aren't true, but it does mean you'll have to prove that they are more likely than not to be true.

Your employer also may file a motion to dismiss or motion for summary judgment. If this happens, your attorney will draft a response to that motion and you probably will have to attend a hearing. Consider any settlement offers. Expect your employer to make a settlement offer at any time, often immediately after it receives notice of your lawsuit.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of civil cases are settled out of court, including discrimination cases. Your employer probably would prefer to settle and avoid the bad press of going to trial.

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However, even if the settlement is for less than what you're asking for in your lawsuit, you should take into account the time, effort, and expense of going all the way to trial. Often it will be in your best interests to settle your case so you can put the matter behind you and move on with your life. Conduct discovery. The discovery process allows you to request information from your employer to use in your case.

EEOC Sees Sexual Harassment Complaints On the Rise in 2018

Written discovery includes requests for production, requests for admissions, and interrogatories. Interrogatories are written questions to the other party which are answered under oath. Through requests for production, you can ask your employer for personnel documents and written correspondence or other information related to your gender discrimination claim, including any records your employer has of its own investigation of the discriminatory incidents. Depositions can be a powerful tool for plaintiffs in gender discrimination cases.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Your attorney will interview your employer and witnesses under oath regarding the incidents you claim are gender discrimination. A court reporter creates a written transcript of the questions and answers in each deposition, which can be used in trial or can serve as a basis to encourage a settlement.

Attend any pretrial hearings or conferences. KJ Henderson has more than a decade of HR and talent acquisition experience. He has held roles at a Fortune investment bank, a media conglomerate and at one of NYC's largest executive staffing firms.

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He currently heads recruitment sourcing at a major movie studio. He read literature at Oxford.


Skip to main content. References 3 U. Accessed 10 July Henderson, KJ. As a best practice, the EEOC recommends that any strategy be reviewed and updated regularly. The agency also recommended using anonymous employee surveys as a way to measure sexual harassment in workplace culture.

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It takes time, and a concerted effort to change a hostile work environment prone to sexual harassment and gender discrimination. For those who face discrimination now, there need to be clear paths to corrective action, both within and outside of the company.

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  4. When employees face sexual harassment in workplace culture they need to feel safe:. We use informal negotiation, arbitration, and traditional Title VII litigation to advocate for innovative prevention strategies to protect our clients and make their offices and work sites better places to work. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Law Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Phone: Video Phone: Free Case Evaluation - Click Here. David G.